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Dr. Yoram Wolf

Dr. Yoram Wolf is the head of plastic surgery unit at Hillel Yaffe medical center.
Dr. Wolf also serves as the israeli national secretary of ISAPS,
Between the years 2015-2017 Dr. Wolf served as chairman of ISAPS.
Between the years 2015-2017 Dr. Wolf served as Plastic Aesthetic Surgery
A renowned expert plastic surgeon that specializes in abdominoplasty and other types of surgery, including breast enhancements, breast lifts, rhinoplasty, face lifts, liposuction, and many others.

Dr. Wolf also performs successful facial treatments including Botox for face wrinkles and other treatments that improve the look of the face.

At the aesthetic clinic of Dr. Wolf the emphasis is on professionalism and personal care in an intimate atmosphere that supports patients throughout all stages of each treatment. This turns the entire process into a simple and more pleasant procedure. Undoubtedly, Dr. Yoram Woolf’s clinic is one of the best surgical clinics in Israel, in terms of both health care and the service it provides.

As a former pilot at the Israeli Air Force, features as high accuracy, uncompromising professionalism and responsibility characterize in every action and every treatment.

Abdominoplasty is a great opportunity for each of us to realize our dreams and improve our quality of life. Tummy tucks have become very popular among women after pregnancy and birth, especially after a Cesarean section. It is also recommended for people who lost a great amount of weight after dieting and therefore suffer from excess skin.

Dr. Wolf Specializes in Abdominplasty and leads the revolution in the field, which he has presented at various scientific conferences. He performs the abdominal surgery with a new technique that combines abdomen and hips liposuction without causing damages to the body.

This innovative technology ensures optimum results, a very fine scar, low risk and faster recovery
When it comes to your health and your body, it is important for us to be at your side in every step on the way, from the moment of thought, deliberation to the decision-making of doing the change is needed.

The consultation – this is where your expectations will meet our knowledge and experience.
We’ll be sure to study the right treatment for you. Our recommendation will be based on medical and professional considerations in responsibility and full transparency.

For having a consultation or for further details, please contact us: + 972-3-644-8880

Our clinics is located at Israel in Tel Aviv, Eilat and Nahariya.


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